As we have noticed, our cities are transforming into smart-cities, which offer a more interactive and responsive city administration as well as safer public spaces for both citizens and tourists. The Nordic countries are leading this development, and that is why Scandinarea is aiming to hoste a wide range of smart-cities in Northern Europe. It integrates various sectors of the society to form new digital city-states that provide centralized access to services for every e-resident. Scandinarea is the bridge between virtual and real world built in augemented reality. Through location based augmented zones, Scandinavian shops, services and brands will have access to new customers and a new market area.

By bringing the northern countries’ citizens closer together into the same digital area with the power of visualization, we can increase the cooperation and synergy on all four aspects of the society: the business, academic, individual and organizational. Scandinarea is the first regional digital area designed to be built in location-based augmented reality, and that is why it must have strong theoretical foundations in both socio-economic and moral frames of reference. Our product is based on the principles inspired from the Nordic countries’ state-models: a working balance between individual interests and common social benefits.


The Nordic model has developed into a counter-culture against late-stage capitalism because its core philosophy promotes environmental friendliness, social cohesion and ethical entrepreneurship. We are inspired by this culture that offers opportunities to businesses but also supports the society. By integrating these socio-economic and moral principles into the Scandinavian digital area, we will promote and export the idea of a balanced and working society.

We take concern in the current political situation and the rise of populist radical thought regarding both left and right sides of the political spectrum. Scandinarea’s philosophy is rooted in the concept of the golden circle, which aims to bring these radical sides to meet each other in the middle. We value life-long learning and elevate social and environmental responsibility as the application’s essential element and the driving force behind the communities’ future cooperation.




The last decade has made it clear that the importance of the Nordic Model is pivotal in setting the global standards for future cooperation between nations, communities and individuals. As with all innovations that change the very nature of our ways of living and being, it must stem from something bigger than just a product: it requires a cultural movement that takes hold in people’s lives because they feel it is significant and that there is a clear need for it. This is why Scandinarea is backed by a non-profit organization that focuses on cultivating a cultural movement: The Scandinavian Renaissance.

Both Scandinarea and Scandinavian Renaissance agree that that the Nordic Model is a social innovation unmatched in its performance. Be it literacy, lifetime expectancy or health, in almost every comparison you can find the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland on the top. We are aiming to systematize this innovation, and put it on stronger fundaments to build a stronger connection with world, and share abstract as well as concrete content through trend and technology.



Long, safe, and happy. This is short description of lives of people living in Scandinavia. It is backed by hunderds of statistical comparisons, all testifying roughly the same: Scandinavia is the best place in the world to live in. Well-known example of education among other things has sprung widespread interest. This success has raised worldwide curiosity towards the societal model of Scandinavia. We expect that interest to grow, as its benefits became more obvious, and seek to fulfill the curiosity by promoting elements that further development towards societies that best consider the needs of each and every member, allowing them to flourish and contribute.

Renaissance means ‘rebirth’. As western liberal democracies struggle to cope with challenges regarding environment and citizen well-being, an increasing number of countries is looking for alternatives for authoritarian governance. We firmly believe that the Scandinavian model should play a central part in solving current global problems, and leading the world to the next historical age, unleashing the creative power of individuals working towards shared goals and trusting each other.

Trust towards other people is a central element, repeatedly found as a key explaining factor behind any successful community. Old saying of trust being hard to build but easy to lose is valid also in the societal scale. Scandinavian countries have – partly for historical reasons, partly by pure coincidence – built societies where trust towards others is very high. This means happier people, less bureaucracy, and more efficient cooperation. Because we believe this social capital is of paramount importance, we cherish this heritage, and continuously look for means to maintain and increase trust between people with different thoughts and backgrounds.